Welcome to the Elgro River Lodge Blog…

We are honoured to have you as our guest, and hope your visit will be an experience of a lifetime!

Away from the hustle and bustle of business, the Elgro River Lodge is the true African experience situated on a bend of unexpected beauty on the Vaal River, 30 km from Potchefstroom. Situated on the Western side of the historical Vredefort Dome, created some 2000 million years ago when a large meteorite of about 10 km in diameter, plunged to the earth and hit it with velocity of 20 km per second in the region of 72 000 km/h, close to where Vredefort is today.

The pressure on the earth’s surface created heat in the region of 1200° C which melted the rock formations in the direct vicinity of the impact. The heat became so intense that it caused an explosion; the granite formations were melted and pushed out from the bottom to form a round dome like formation, today called the Vredefort Dome. The meteorite created a unique geological structure of unsurpassed beauty recognized as a World Heritage site in June 2005. The Lodge has an awesome amount of activities and facilities to offer its guests. Elgro River Lodge promises to be a place you’ll never forget!